Art supplies in Melbourne for every artist

The artistic vision you have needs the right art supplies on hand. In Melbourne, artists setting up their studios for the first time needs to stock up on essential art supplies, Melbourne.

Having the right art tools on hand is the best way to get the creative juices working overtime. Starting a new piece of art puts you in the best place when you have essential art supplies such as:

Drawing paper

Blank sheets of paper always serve as a great motivation tool for artists. Preliminary sketches are the planning stage of any great work of art. About 70 sheets of inexpensive drawing paper or sketchbook will come in handy for making rough sketches of your new idea. The actual painting stage is set with a rough idea translated on a drawing paper or sketchbook.

Graphite pencils

It is always necessary for artists, regardless of experience, to draw a subject before painting it. A set of reliable drawing pencils is an essential tool every artist needs to have. However, stocking up a huge collection of pencils is not necessary at all. On the contrary, having 4 or 5 pencils sets you off on the right track.

The essential pencils you need to have around your studio include:

  • 4H for light shading
  • 2B for shading and drawing sketches
  • 6B for extra dark shading

Painting surface

A painting surface is a thing that will be the final stage of your art. It’s time to select your medium and think about the different options after you’ve drawn your ideas on a sketchbook or drawing paper.

Pre-stretched pads offer the best painting surface for painting watercolours. Aptly named, the stretched sheets of paper allow you to paint on them right away. Canvas or acrylic papers, on the other hand, are the two types of painting surfaces to paint acrylic paints.

However, when it comes to acrylic painting, the top painting surface choice for many artists is acrylic paper. It is because you don’t have to use a lot of pressure and save a lot of space when using this painting surface. Yet, the final choice is always yours.


Three kinds of brushes are typically used for painting acrylic.

  • Flat wash for background painting
  • A liner brush for fine detail painting
  • Filbert brushes for general and smoothing out painting. A size 6 Filbert brush will do well for medium-sized paintings

Watercolour painting requires three kinds of brushes, including:

  • Size 10 or 8 for general painting purposes
  • Washes need medium-sized brushes
  • Small detail painting need a size 6 liner brush


A white and kneaded eraser is the two types of erasers that have to be part of your arsenal. Of the two, the kneaded eraser is the best to have. Not only can you shape it into different sizes; it leaves no erasure residue as well. Being able to mould the eraser allows you to erase small areas such as creating light shading.

Creating inspirational and wonderful works of art is helped with having essential tools around the studio. Investing in them does not have to burn a hole in your pocket, especially when you’re just starting your art journey. You’ll gradually come up with some other art necessities as you progress. Get art supplies in Melbourne from the leading shops.