AS4801 Certification

It is the employer’s duty to set safety standards to protect their employees from any kind of harm while at the workplace. This may commence with safety measures and protection gear protecting them from any kind of harm. Injured staff slows down your organisation’s performance while at the same time taking a considerable amount from the organisation budget to cater for treatment. Why not save yourself from all this and get your business AS4801 certified?

What is the AS4801 certification? This is an Australian certification standard put in place to promote both the safety and health of employees in an organisation. Businesses seeking to be recognised as safe working harbours for their employees should apply for this certification today. Key elements of this certification include the following:

  1. Planning – In this stage, one defines roles and assesses all that is needed to achieve the set performance objectives of the business.
  2. Implementing – This section dictates the training sessions, reports, data management, assessment, and control of risks, not forgetting proper documentation.
  3. Measuring and evaluating – This is where all activities are monitored, corrected, and audited.

Advantages of getting AS4801 certified

  1. Guarantee safe surrounding for working

The AS4801 certification forces you to analyse risks around your working premises and establish ways to mitigate them. By mitigating such risks, you will be improving the work environment and reducing the possibility of accidents at your enterprise.

  • Cost-effective

By making the work environment safe for employees, you will do away with the treatment and compensation costs that are incurred when employees are injured. You can furthermore spend less on insurance premiums since the risk factors will have been reduced.

  • Boost productivity

Productivity is simply the determinant of any businesses’ success today. When employees get injured and are unable to report to duty, productivity becomes greatly handicapped. Make your surroundings safer today for employees to work in and enjoy the great output from your dedicated team.

How to get AS4801 Certified

A review is necessary before the commencement of this process where your organisation’s consultant should help you with the following:

  • Explaining what this kind of certification requires
  • Assist you in assessing and pointing out potential hazards and risks to your employees
  • Enlighten you on how to use Risk Management Model in assessing and prioritising Occupational Health Safety (OHS) related risks.

The following are some procedures entailed in the attainment of the AS4801 certificate in your state today.

Step 1 System development

To begin with, one can only use certified ISO global consultants for these processes. Together with their teams, the consultant will develop every document and procedure needed for the process. The system can be altered and reviewed upon request by the client, assuming they prefer other designs.

Step 2 Implementing policies.

You should then be enlightened on how to implement these policies in your business and how to align them with your structure. You can always reach out to the professionals should you have any inquiries relating to the laid down systems and procedures for safety in your organisation.

Step 3 Do audits internally.

Before any business gets certified, their ISO global consultant has to do an audit and give a report that will ensure proper implementation of OHS. It is after this audit that your request for certification can be made formally.

Step 4 Certification audit

Once every preparation has culminated, you will be certified in accordance with the AS4801 by a legal certifying body.