All that you wanted to know about boarding schools

Boarding schools usually appeals to parents who want their children to get the best possible education. Their aim is to go for a more rigorous schooling than the one which is offered back home. Boarding schools do not simply have demanding classes but they also have a whole lot of activities which are organized to allow students to develop both physically as well as mentally.

If you are considering sending your child to boarding school you should know the following facts about it:

Basic facts about boarding schools

  • The classes at a boarding school are relatively small compared to that of the usual public schools. The student to teacher ratio is also low. Classes are smaller and therefore the teachers are able to focus on the students the right way. You can expect your child to spend at least 17 hours a week doing their homework. This is twice as much as time students spend on homework at public schools on average.
  • Students are encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities. There are special activities which revolve around sports, music and reading. Students are expected to spend at least 2-3 hours on these activities along with doing their homework as well.
  • In order for the syllabus to be completed students are required to spend some of the Saturdays learning in the classroom. Usually students have the classes for half day on any one day of the week to accommodate their extra curricular activities.
  • Students need to follow a lot of rules. There is a strict dress code and the boys are asked to wear jackets and ties to class. Girls too have to stick to the uniform on a daily basis. They have to attend weekly  seated dinner where they need to wear a semi formal attire.
  • You can expect a whole lot of diversity at a boarding school. Unlike public schools a boarding school can welcome students from all over the world. A boarding school is ethnically and racially diverse.
  • You can expect your child to be well prepared for their college life when they attend boarding school. Children are taught to be independent from a young age. Students are used to study which help them polish the academic skills and therefore make them well prepared to enter college.
  • Despite all the academic pressure which is expected at a boarding school students tend to become more responsible and there is very little chance of them getting stressed or anxious. This is because they are continuously supervised by their teachers who also play the role of their dorm parents. In case students feel that they are not able to cope they can have a one-on-one sessions with their teacher and they might be suggested to talk to a counselor as well.
  • It is once in a lifetime kind of experience. Anyone who has been a student in boarding school can vouch for that. They say that they would gladly repeat their experience of the time they spent at the boarding school.