Benefits of opting for a Childcare Centre near your home

Factors such as reputation and brand name are usually the shortlisted choices of parents when it comes to their choice of a childcare centre. Yet, a lot of parents choose a different route. They would rather entrust the care of their precious child to a childcare centre near their homes.

A host of benefits are gained by parents opting to let their children attend a childcare centre near their homes. Here’s why:

Avoid the rush hour

Weekday mornings are rush hours anywhere in the world. Not having to rush the drop-off of the child to the childcare centre becomes possible when the childcare centre is nearer home. Sharing breakfast time with the child becomes a great ritual before you drop him/her off at the childcare centre.

The convenience provided by a childcare centre near the home becomes more apparent when your work shift starts later than the usual 9am to 5pm work schedule.

Having someone, like grandparents in the home, make the choice of a nearby childcare centre more attractive. They can be tasked with dropping off and picking up the child. This allows you to take off for work early as well as avoid the need to rush home from work.

Easily travelled during times of emergencies

The undeveloped immune system of young children makes them highly susceptible to factors such as sudden changes in weather or temperatures. A child suddenly falling sick at a childcare centre is considered an emergency. This means that the child has to be quickly sent home.

Having a family member living near your home and the childcare centre can quickly pick up and bring your child home.

A permanent childcare centre

If you own your home, choosing a childcare centre near its location is unlikely to change. Unless moving to a new neighbourhood is on the horizon, opting for a childcare centre near your present address is likely to be permanent.

A childcare centre near your home is not compromised by job changes. The convenience of a nearby childcare centre remains the same even when you change jobs.

Letting a child attend the same childcare centre allows them to feel safe and secure. Changing childcare centres every time does not provide the consistency children need during their formative years.

Allows you to make your child familiar with the neighbourhood

Going to and from a childcare centre near your home allows you to show your child around the neighbourhood. He/she will be able to become familiar with common landmarks in the neighbourhood.

Recognising their surroundings and the proximity of the childcare centre to their homes is one of the best ways to make children feel less homesick. The familiarity of the child with the neighbourhood eventually helps them to navigate by themselves when they become older.

Convenient for all members of the family

Picking up the child becomes more convenient for all members of the family when the childcare centre is near to the home. Other mundane tasks such as running errands or shopping for groceries before picking up the child become easier when the childcare centre is near the home.

Peace of mind is provided to the little one when he knows that she is in a leading day care in the area near his home.