Dad jealous of his son: why it happens and how the couple changes after giving birth

Dad jealous of his son

Mom and dad after so many months of waiting can finally embrace their child. The newcomer thus absorbs all the attentions of the family, of the couple , of friends but above all of the mother who is always busy and intent on looking after her baby, which always requires more time and space at the expense of others and of herself. Over time this thing becomes more and more evident.

But what happens to the new dad?

When a child is born the dynamics between the two partners change radically. The couple becomes a family and this upsets the balances that existed until then. Even the emotional exchange and communication within the relationship change.

The maternal concern spill out onto the companion and the silences or the use of a less fluid communication also becomes necessary to respect the sleep of the small or his presence.

There is the ” priority ” that the dad can ill tolerate up to be annoyed or jealousy of his own child.

If before the pregnancy the child was imagined , and physically did not yet have a body size if not in the last months in the maternal body, with the birth its presence becomes real and therefore it requires space and time. The size of the couple is transformed thus becoming a group that is formed by three individuals. But even intimacy changes: in the bedroom you don’t sleep in two anymore but in three.

The initial symbiosis existing between mother and child is obvious and persists for several months until the newborn is weaned. The bond that is structured from the first moment is difficult to understand rationally since it is of an instinctive nature.

The father may experience difficulties in coping with the new relational dynamics, feeling guilty, perceiving a sense of exclusion from the family nucleus, showing jealousy because it is no longer central to the relationship as before and therefore its disorientation can manifest itself.