How To Help Your Child Adjust In His New Day Care Centre

Children need time to adhere to a new environment, especially the toddlers and the preschoolers, attending child care facilities is a door to an unknown world. They would take time to come out of their comfort zone, would even have a harder time getting separated from their loved ones. such drastic changes may cause flutters in their innocent minds and temperament. Parents need to have a very slow pace in introducing them to the new world and support them in their way forward. Here are a few expert tips on how guardians can help children to adjust to new family day care adelaide.

Tell them Stories about “Change”

The transition process from home to a novel childcare center can be hard on kids. Toddlers, by nature, are not a fan of change. So how can parents help them adjust to their new settings? If you have a bedtime ritual of telling stories, tell them the anecdotes of young people whose lives were changed for good when they brought a change in their life practices. If you think toddlers won’t be able to comprehend that? You are wrong! They are much more capable to understand at this stage of life.

Streamline your Mornings

Like getting up early in the morning, packing their bags and having breakfast with them. An early wake up would give you plenty of time to discuss and plan the day with them. Tell them that you will give a quick visit to them at lunchtime and keep your words too. Make sure that their mornings are stress-free so that they have no additional affair to deal with.

Stay by their side

You can’t expect your little one to make friends on the very first day of his child care facility, find their teachers agreeable and wake up the next morning, happily, to see them again. Don’t have unrealistic hopes from them. They may cry the whole time there amid new faces. Make sure that you spend the first one or two hours with them for at least three days. Having you by their side will give them a sense of security while getting to know the new people around them.

Give them a Souvenir

Something to remember by, that could be a little stuffed toy or their favorite blanket, or anything close to their heart, that will give them a sense of reassurance and a reminder to get back home in a while.


Ask them how their day went? What activities did they take part in? Or what do they expect from the coming day? How did they plan it? How did their friends treat them? Or what they wish to see in their new abode? Do they like their trainers etc. this would give them the expression that their wishes and views matter and you get to know your child’s opinion about the childcare facility.